About Us

Shoeskins are delighted to be the exclusive Australian and New Zealand distributors for Cleatskins products - how did this happen you might ask?

Why Cleatskins?
With active kids, involved in multiple sports and carpooling with their team mates, Winters meant having to fit and remove their boots outside the house or after games to prevent slipping and damage to flooring, not to mention the mud and mess in the car!

In Summer ensuring the kids complied with safety rules and removed and carried their track and field spikes after every event was important but tedious.

Replacing boots with damaged studs and flattened spikes because they were being worn on hard surfaces as it was too much trouble to keep taking them off was getting tiresome too and then we discovered a simple, easy, lightweight, easily washable, reusable and practical solution was available - Cleatskins!

Cleatskins are a revolutionary footwear accessory designed to allow athletes to move to and from their sport without damaging their cleated/studded/spiked footwear or risking injury.  The innovative SKINTEK™ rubber easily slips over cleats to take them to the street allowing athletes to move on and off the field faster and safer - our families loved them and we hope yours will too!

Designed for athletes of any age, Cleatskins styles are available for cricket, soccer, baseball, football, rugby, softball, field hockey, lacrosse, cycling, track and field and other cleated shoes in a variety of colors and sizes.  Other sport shoes, such as those used for jazz dance, wrestling and basketball, also benefit from Cleatskins.


A word about Safety...
Cleatskins protect cleated footwear from wear and tear, as well as protecting floors and carpets from damage. Cleatskins are also designed to provide improved traction for athletes to help avoid slips and falls on solid and slippery surfaces while wearing their cleated, studded or spiked footwear.

Whilst Cleatskins do offer added traction and improve safety, we still recommend caution anytime you’re in motion on pavement or any other surface. We hope you will love them as much as we do but nothing is a substitute for sensible care and attention (but your Mum probably already told you that didn't she?!!)