Sizing FAQs

Help! How do I know which size will fit my type of sports shoe/boot?
Often sports spikes and studs are not the same as your standard shoe size so we suggest you check your actual sports shoe* and reference our size charts. Please note, there is a unique size chart for each type of Shoeskin Cleatskin.

* size details can usually be found on the underside of the tongue on your boot or sports shoes.


Where are the sizing charts?
Sizing information can be found on our "Size Charts" Page under the Sizing Info tab. Please note each Shoeskin Cleatskin model has a slightly different size chart - still not sure?  Ask the team.


You are an Australian store- why are the sizing charts in US sizes?
Shoe sizes vary a lot from style to style and manufacturer. We have found best fitting results come when using the US sizing (usually found on the underside of your shoe's tongue) as this seems to be most consistent between manufacturers.

We have found that if you use these charts, Cleatskins fit the overwhelming majority of studs and cleats.


I'm on the border between sizes, which do I choose?
Cleatskins from Shoeskins should fit it very snugly and being rubber they may stretch slightly over time.

It may be tempting to go up a size - especially for kids, but if in doubt or we usually recommend trying the smaller size option.


What if I select the wrong size?

No problems - just email us and we can arrange an exchange.


My studs just won't fit in even though I think I have the right size?
If this has happened to you, please be sure to read the How To section for fitting hints and tips. However, if it's still difficult to get your Cleatskins over your cleats, try folding down the back half of the Cleatskins heel, so it's folded inside out in half, before stretching your Cleatskins over your cleated shoe. Sometimes this helps ease the heel of your cleated shoe past the special "grips" on the inside of the Cleatskins heel. If this still doesn't work, Shoeskins will gladly exchange your Cleatskins for a larger size.

Please note that some cleated shoes are extra wide (i.e. turf and a few other wide bottomed styles) and may not fit perfectly into Cleatskins, if this is the case for you, contact us and if we can't find a suitable product match we'll arrange a full refund.