How do I put on my Cleatskins Shoeskins?
Shoeskins Cleatskins are designed for a very snug and secure fit.
They are easiest to put on while you are wearing your spikes, studs or dance shoes. Correct handling will ensure your Cleatskins stay in tip top condition!

For Cleat Grips
Slip the front of the Grip over your bike cleat and ease down and over the back of your cleat. Take care to ensure it's positioned straight and covers the entire cleat.

For All Other Cleatskins
First, position the toe of your boot or dance shoe all the way into the end of Cleatskin, then gently press or step into them and ensure the edges of the Cleatskin surround the front of the boot or shoe well  then....

...Trackskins and Bikeskins:
Gently slide the rubber stirrup around from your instep, up and on to the back of your spike or bike shoes. Please don't stretch and snap them - it makes them sad and cranky and puts to much strain on them!  Trackskins are molded in one piece and the stirrup is made of the same Skintek rubber which, whilst flexible and tough is not meant to be super stretchy like elastic! Ensure your forefoot is seated first as once the spikes dig in to the kevlar insert the Trackskins don't move much! If you are having trouble sliding the back stirrup up, check and reposition your forefoot first!

...Premiers, Pro and Metals
Grab the bottom of the Cleatskins heel in the palm of your opposite hand, grasping while you stretch the bottom of the Cleatskins back and over the heel of your cleated shoe. (The bottom instep area is designed to be the stretchiest part, so this is the portion of the shoe you want to stretch while getting them over your cleats.)

Note: If it's still difficult to get your Cleatskins over your cleats, try folding down the back half of the Cleatskins heel, so it's folded inside out in half, before stretching your Cleatskins over your cleated shoe. Sometimes this helps ease the heel of your cleated shoe past the special "grips" on the inside of the Cleatskins heel. If this still doesn't work, Shoeskins will gladly exchange your Cleatskins for a larger size.


What's the easiest way to remove my Cleatskins Shoeskins?

Cleat Grips: grab the tab at the end of the Cleat grip, lift up and off.

Bikeskins and Trackskins: Gently slide the stirrup from back of the heel  off your shoe towards your instep and remove your forefoot, be gentle as the spikes will have dug into the top layer of the Trackskin - this is normal! The spikes will leave an impression in the rubber.

All other Cleatskins: Grasp the tab at the back of the heel and roll the heel of the Cleatskins backward and down.


How do I clean my CleatSkins?
With the exception of Cleatskins Metal, & Trackskins, all Shoeskins Cleatskins are machine washable. But, most people either wipe them down or hose them off when muddy. Make certain to air dry them as the heat of a tumble dryer can damage them.

For Cleatskins Metal and Trackskins: Due to the Kevlar inserts in these models, we suggest just wiping down with a damp cloth and air drying.


Wouldn't it be easier if they weren't so tight to get on?
Cleatskins work so well because they are very snug and secure. We would not recommend wearing Cleatskins which were anything less than snug.


Any other tips?
Well yes, now that you ask :) we think that Cleatskins are perfect for slipping over your boots and shoes whilst they are in your locker or bag. No more spiking yourself or getting your gear caught up with your studs!


When should I replace my Shoeskins Cleatskins?
They are specifically designed to be very durable. Replace when you have outgrown them and they no longer fit properly.

Can I run/jump/skate/scooter/dance the night away in my Shoeskins Cleatskins?
Shoeskins protect cleated footwear from wear and tear, as well as protecting floors and carpets from damage. Cleatskins are also designed to provide improved traction for athletes to help avoid slips and falls on solid and slippery surfaces while wearing their cleated, studded or spiked footwear.

We don't want to tell you what to do but whilst Cleatskins do offer added traction and safety, we still recommend caution anytime you’re in motion on pavement or any other surface, nothing is a substitute for sensible care and attention (but your Mum already told you that didn't she? :)

I can't find my sport on your site? How do I know which Cleatskin Shoeskin will be best for me?
Cleatskins are made for many sports.
At this stage Shoeskins stock Cleatskins suitable for Track and Field, Soccer, AFL, Rugby, Dance, Cricket, Baseball, Lacrosse and Hockey, plus limited stock of biking cleats and grips suitable road and mountain biking. 
Email the Team and we will work to find out the best Cleatskins model for you.

Why don't you stock all the US Cleatskin range?
Our range is expanding all the time and we are happy to do special orders if you really need an item urgently.